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HKEx Stock Code: 02198 HK

China Sanjiang announced its 2012 Annual Results, net profit attributable to Shareholders was approximately RMB466.8 million, up 15.2%


Revenue of the Group improved by approximately 21.3% reaching approximately RMB2,521.4 million in 2012 as compared to revenue of approximately RMB2,078.2 million for last year. Net profit attributable to shareholders was approximately RMB466.8 million and basic earnings per share was approximately RMB 46.58 cents for the year ended 31 December 2012, representing increases of approximately 15.2% and 17.1% respectively as compared with last year.

The Board has recommended a final dividend of HK$18.0 cents per share, representing a total payout of approximately RMB144.8 million and a dividend payout ratio of approximately 31.0% on an annual basis for the year ended 31 December 2012.