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HKEx Stock Code: 02198 HK

As of the end of 2009, we were the third largest manufacturer of ethylene oxide in China and the largest privately-owned manufacturer of ethylene oxide in China. In terms of production volume, our market share in China's ethylene oxide market was approximately 11% in both 2007 and 2008 and increased to approximately 19% in 2009.

Scope of applications

Ethylene oxide is an ethylene derivative product and is used to produce surfactants, ethylene glycol, ethanolamines and glycol ethers in China. The downstream sectors of such ethylene derivative products cover various household and industrial products including antifreeze agent, synthetic detergent, emulsifier, non-ionic surfactant, plasticiser, lubricant, adhesive, rubber and synthetic resin.

We were granted perpetual licenses to use the know-how and leading technical information relating to the production of ethylene oxide, and established the ethylene oxide production lines with advanced technology and equipments. Meanwhile, the technology team constantly seeks technology advancement to our production facilities with an aim to improve our production capacity and efficiency, as well as reduce costs. In addition to the good business relationship with our raw materials suppliers, our Group owns China's largest ethylene storage tank, which enables us to absorb short term price fluctuation of ethylene.