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We have recognized the global trend of growing awareness of environmental protection in terms of both government regulations and customer preference. We consider ourselves a green manufacturing company and place strong emphasis on environmental protection. We have made substantial investments to adopt environmental protection measures and pollution controls against carbon dioxide, waste water and solid waste produced in the course of the production process.

We have awarded the ISO14001:2004 Environment Management Systems Certification Certificate issued by Beijing United Intelligence Certification Co., Ltd Brief details of our environmental protection measures and controls are set forth below:

  • Carbon dioxide

    Carbon dioxide is generated during the production process of ethylene oxide. Our Group has installed two sets of carbon dioxide recollecting device which have the capacity to absorb approximately 30,000 MT and 20,000 MT of carbon dioxide per year respectively in Jiaxing Production Plant. The carbon dioxide absorbed is then sold for recycling purpose.

  • Waste water

    We have installed water treatment facilities at Jiaxing Production Plant and Xiaoshan Production Plant respectively which have the respective capacities of treating 2,000 MT and 1,300 MT of waste water per day to treat all waste water generated during the production process of products. Such treated waste water is recycled and used for cooling of reactants in the production of both ethylene oxide and surfactants.

  • Solid waste

    Solid catalyst waste produced during production process is collected and sold for recycling purpose.